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Benefits of Vacation

No time for the benefits of vacation? Many of us work long hours and take little time off to unwind. The thinking goes like this: the more I work, the closer I will get to my goals. One of those goals may be to earn more money.

Think back to a morning when you had a good night’s sleep and ate the right foods for breakfast so your body was full of energy. How productive were you at the office that day? You were probably crushing it! No obstacle could get in your way. You made the calls you needed to make, your enthusiasm on the phone was contagious and you probably made significant strides to accomplishing your goals.benefits of vacation

Now think back to a time when you didn’t get enough sleep or perhaps you ate something that didn’t agree with you which caused your mind to be distracted. Your productivity was low. You probably procrastinated on some important tasks and you definitely didn’t feel like you made progress toward your goals.

But I’m Running a Company

Senior positions often require an intense amount of work. I used to think that the “go, go, go” attitude was the only way to success. I found myself burning out and not being able to focus, then wondering why I wasn’t achieving the things I had hoped.

It was all caused by stress. I didn’t give myself permission to relax. Yet the moment I took a step back and allowed myself to not think about work, the moment I let go of the pressure of performing, I very quickly became more productive and full of ideas.

One key is to make sure you don’t spend vacation time being as busy as you are at work. You’ll be more tired when you’re done and will feel that to get the benefits of vacation, you need to go on another vacation.

Benefits of Vacation

A vacation has a way of restoring energy just by changing your environment. Taking time out for summer reading, relaxing on the beach or under a shady tree and letting your mind wander enables your thoughts to go beyond the confines of your office.

It is, as my old colleague, Larry Robertson, says, a deliberate pause. This break allows you to decompress so that when you return to work, you think entrepreneurial thoughts. It allows you to imagine scenarios that you can pursue. It allows you to spend structured time day dreaming, connecting dots and slowing down.

Even if it takes you a little time to adjust back into the work day, that’s okay. Vacations are as important as breathing.

So relax. Work will be there when you get back.


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2 thoughts on “Benefits of Vacation

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Americans have forgotten how to take a break. I was the same way until I moved to Europe and realized there could be another way of life.

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