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A Side Effect of Being Too Optimistic

Optimists say “yes” — a lot. They see the glass as half full. They look for the silver lining and the opportunities. Their positive attitude leads the way to reduced stress.

“No” is hardly in an optimist’s vocabulary. That means that the they will likely say “yes” to requests that come their way. Optimists are wired to find solutions, not dwell on problems. Sounds great.optimism

The side effect: when you take on too much, you may be unable to give your full time and attention to the effort required. Deadlines may get missed, co-workers may get frustrated. All of those things an optimist said “yes” to start piling up. Only the ones with the highest priorities get addressed.

The unfortunate side effect of being too optimistic: people may see ever-the-optimist people as flaky or unreliable.

I’m not suggesting you should start being more pessimistic. Continue to be optimistic.  Just start to say “no” a little more, especially when your gut tells you that you won’t be able to put your 100% effort into what you are about to take on.

When you consciously choose to let go, you are freeing your mind of the responsibility of that one additional task. There is less to think about and that gives you more mental room to really put your heart into what excites you.  It is liberating and rewarding.

And you’ll be happier.


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