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5 Ways to Show Your Clients Love

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a story about how Ted Leonsis and Mario Morino spread love in the business world.  Today is Valentines Day and what better day to spread the love to your clients. spread the love

How do I love mine?  Let me count the ways… here are 5:

  1. Give a book. Few things say “I care about you” than a personalized gift. Pick a book that you have read that you feel your client will enjoy. Personal development books are usually a good choice. Inscribe the inside cover with a personal note. This is one gift your client will not throw away and every time they see it on their bookshelf, they will think of you.
  2. Write a note. On your personalized stationery (get some if you don’t have it), write this: Jody, just a quick note to say thanks for being our client! We love working with you and your team. All the best, <sign>
  3. Call to say thanks.  Don’t take your clients for granted. Pick up the phone and talk to the people who pay you so you can keep the lights on. No need to sell them anything. Just ask how it is going.  A simple word of thanks goes a long way.
  4. Email a story. Sometimes calling isn’t so easy – especially if you have thousands of clients. You can still say thanks by email. Share a story, describe an experience, connect with them.
  5. Make a donation. Supporting worthwhile causes with your time and money speak volumes about who you are and what is important to you. If you are open to making your efforts more public than private, consider taking pictures of your team donating their efforts to help others and share them with your community via email, Facebook and Twitter.

A little recognition goes a very long way. Happy Valentines Day!


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