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Business Connections

Business connections matter and lucky people seem to know a lot of other people. When you ask them about getting more involved with your local university, they know just who to reach out to. When you ask for a referral for a good accountant, they know who to call. When you ask for a help to find someone to fill a job opening, they know a good recruiter to speak with.making connections

Lucky people are well-connected. But it wasn’t luck that got them all of these business connections. It was networking, both online and in-person.

Making business connections starts with meeting people everywhere you can: attending professional society events, joining LinkedIn and Facebook groups, creating a Twitter account. That’s just the start and it only takes you so far.

To really make business connections, you must get actively involved. There is a remarkable leap between the connections a member who joined a group has compared to the leaders or active participants in the group.

Getting active is easy. Just volunteer. Ask what you can do to help out to plan a future event. Pose a question to an online group to get the dialog started. Don’t talk about yourself all the time. Share without the expectation of financial benefit.

You will draw attention to your leadership and start making many business connections very quickly.

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