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The 100 Day Plan

When an executive takes on a new position, they usually have a 100 day plan.  This is important because those first three months are when they can have the most impact.  Every day that goes by makes it more difficult to institute change.  After one year on the job, they have either made major strides toward their vision or their environment has squashed their initiatives to return to the status quo.

100 day planImagine that today is your first day on a new job.  What would you do in your first 100 days?

Start by painting your vision of what you would like to see happen.  Then, ask yourself these questions as you mull over your 100 day plan:

  • What should we start doing to make things better?
  • What should we keep doing because it is working well?
  • What should we stop doing because it adds no value?

You can replace “we” with “I” and think about specific tasks that you can affect.  You can also apply the setting to your life instead of a job.  If you want to make a change, start with your own personalized 100 day plan.


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