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A Simple Good Habit That Can Double Your Productivity

Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Positive change in your life comes from changing what you do or how you do it – in other words, it comes from developing new good habits.

This good habit is simple to implement and will double your productivity very quickly:

On Friday afternoon before you leave work, make a list of tasks that you want to accomplish the following week.

This list should be no more than 10-20 items long.  It is not your major goal list, things that you want to accomplish this quarter or year.  This is a list of actionable items that you need to do.  It is tactical, not strategic. Don’t combine two tasks into one.  Keep them separate. Scratch off each item as you complete it.

Some examples:

  • Make travel arrangements for next month’s trip
  • Set up team meeting to come up with proposal ideas for Blacky’s account
  • Write first draft of Blacky’s proposal
  • Take Tuesday as an imagination day (what’s an imagination day?)
  • Write company blog post on how new proposed legislation in our state will affect customers
  • Draft job description for intern position
  • Call local universities to find out how to post intern position to their job boards
  • Enjoy Friday afternoon off to play golf

Notice that one example item included scheduled downtime. If it gets on your calendar, you increase the chances of it happening.

I use a small spiral notebook for my weekly list. It sits by my desk so I can refer to my tasks quickly and also reference tasks from prior weeks.  I can see which tasks I had to shuffle to future weeks.

This single good habit of making a weekly task list before you head out of the office on Fridays can double your productivity.


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