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The Luckiest Gift for the Business Professional

Want to make someone in your life feel lucky?  Here’s a business gift idea for a social media savvy business professional:  write them a LinkedIn recommendation. LinkedIn Recommendation

If you look at most people’s LinkedIn profiles, they have very few, if any, recommendations.  As more and more people find each other via tools like LinkedIn, reading recommendations from colleagues will help readers learn more information that encourages them to connect.  Writing an unsolicited LinkedIn recommendation is gift even for those people who aren’t very social media savvy.

Don’t know how?  Here’s what to do:

  1. Visit your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Click on your Contacts list and find someone you would like to recommend.
  3. Click Recommend <name of contact> on the top right.
  4. Write your recommendation and hit Send.

Pretty easy.

The best gifts are the ones money can’t buy.  This one comes from the heart and will be appreciated long after any material gift you could give has been forgotten.  Don’t tell them you are writing one. Just do it.  It will take you just 5 minutes and you will feel the gift of giving and the recipient will feel lucky about getting it.


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