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The 5-Year Party

About 18 months ago, I hosted a meeting with about a dozen business executives who meet regularly to help each other. This meeting was different. I asked everyone to come as they see themselves in 5 years. Instead of just talking about our 5-year plan, we had to live it.

This meant if you saw yourself working from home in your pajamas, you came dressed in your pajamas to drive the point home. If you saw yourself as an author of published books, you created mock book covers and pasted them over existing books as a prop.

Everyone was allowed a few minutes to present where they were in their life 5 years down the road in present tense as if all of the things they wanted to happen had already occurred. It was a 5-year party where we got to be who we wanted to be.

Fast forward to today. We are about a third of the way into that 5-year plan. Here’s what has happened so far:

  • One executive saw herself moving back to her home state to be closer to family. Within 8 months, she was there. This included a new executive position that was offered out of the blue.
  • One executive saw himself in a different consulting role. Within 4 months, he had made the switch.
  • One executive saw herself transitioning to paid speaking engagements. This is now part of her consulting mix and she is in contact with people she met recently to propel this vision farther.
  • One executive saw himself selling his company. Within days, he received a phone call from a potential buyer, though he later chose not to pursue the opportunity.

The stories go on. Every person who painted a clear picture of how their life was going to be in 5 years saw things happen to move them closer to their goals – and it’s only been 18 months.

It’s one thing to think of a goal. It is a deeper thing to write it down. It becomes reality when you create an experience that brings the goal to life.


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