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Getting lucky by raising your hand

When Brooks Raiford was in seventh grade, he applied and was accepted to be a page for one week at the North Carolina state senate.  On his first day, there was an event that was getting a lot of press coverage.  The Lt. Governor walked in and asked the group for a volunteer to be his personal page for the day.  This likely meant whoever volunteered would be on camera throughout the controversial ordeal since they would be physically near the Lt. Governor all day.

The other pages didn’t want to do it.  Brooks raised his hand and was selected.  The next day, the Lt. Governor walked in and asked the same question. Nobody volunteered so he asked Brooks if he would like to do it again.  Brooks ended up being the Lt. Governor’s personal page for the entire week.  He had a phenomenal experience and, at age 13, had made connections in the Governor’s office and State Senate that would prove valuable later in his career.  The experience was very motivational and shaped his interest in getting involved in politics.  That was a couple of decades ago and he has gone on to have a very successful career in politics and business.  He is now President and CEO of the North Carolina Technology Association whose membership comprises organizations that provide 100,000 jobs in the state.

No matter your age, you can get lucky.  Brooks created his own luck by raising his hand.  He saw the opportunity and volunteered.


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