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Find a Mentor Using Social Media

A mentor or coach can make a huge difference in accomplishing what you want in life. If you think that busy executives might not spare the time to help you, consider this: If a high school student came to you and asked for advice on going to college at your alma mater, what would you do?  Almost without question, you would help.  It is our nature as human beings to help otherfind a mentor using social medias.

Mentors are available all around you.  Thanks to the Internet, we have all sorts of tools at our disposal to meet people.

Here is a very fast way to find a mentor using modern social media tools:

  1. Create an account on LinkedIn and flush it out with information about yourself.
  2. Search LinkedIn for the type of person you want as a mentor, someone with a title like Director, Vice President, CEO or other executive.  Mentors don’t have to be in your field.
  3. Reach out to them by email. If they’re not within your LinkedIn network, upgrade so LinkedIn will allow you to email that person.  Tell them who you are and that you are looking for a mentor – not a job. Tell them that you admire what they have accomplished and that you would like to model your career that way.  Ask if you could take them out to lunch to get career advice.  If they’re too busy for lunch, ask for a 15 minute phone call. Be prepared to ask them questions.
  4. Do this with 10 people, maybe 20.

I guarantee that you will get several meetings.  I would even bet that the executives you meet will pick up the tab for lunch and that some will even connect you to people who can accelerate your career.

All you have to do is ask.


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2 thoughts on “Find a Mentor Using Social Media

  1. Great advice and worth following with a caveat – Studies have shown that men do better with informal mentoring (as described in your blog) and women do significantly better with formal mentoring – established by a professional organization or their firm.

    Mentor Resources is the second largest provider of tools for formal mentoring programs with companies, professional and alumni organizations, and government agencies.

    As experts on mentoring, we believe that ALL talent development, leadership training, or change management programs should have a mentoring component to improve their efficiency. On our website, we have a variety of free tools to help managers develop and manage mentoring programs.

    Elizabeth Pearce & Kim Wise

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