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Memorable Moments – How One Entrepreneur Stood Out in a Crowded Meeting

At one large event – about 400 people, Tim Draper, the guy who funded Hotmail, was asked to listen to one-minute business pitches by three randomly selected people in the room.  The first two gave their pitch and Tim provided his comments. Last at bat was Frank Llosa.  Frank knew that one-minute to pitch a business idea was very short.  He needed more time.  He needed to create a memorable moment.memorable moments

When the clock started, Frank just stood at the podium. He looked calm, though he was probably nervous.  He didn’t say anything.  He casually looked at the audience, then at his watch.  Thirty seconds ticked by and he still hadn’t uttered a word.  By then the audience had started to giggle, some were laughing.  He knew he had everybody’s full attention.

With fifteen seconds left in his minute, Frank started to blurt out his pitch as fast as he could. He sounded like the Fedex guy in those old commercials.  He barely finished when the buzzer rang, but he had the crowd in stitches.  After the event, Frank had a mob around him.  He bought more time – and he stood out.  His tactic is not appropriate for every opportunity, but he took a calculated risk and made a memorable moment.  I still remember it 12 years later.

Transcript of the full event


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