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Make a Million Dollars

If you really want it and you see yourself having it, at some point in your life you will have a million dollar dialog.  It could be for a job offer or work contract, the sale of your company, the payoff from an investment you made or something else that is big. It won’t be random luck.  You cannot have any doubts about it.  You can create your own luck to make a million dollar dialog happen.

It may seem far fetched.  It may sound hard to believe – right now.  Relax.  You can do it. Really.Money Bag

The dialog will not happen by chance.  It is the culmination of a deliberate series of events, attitudes and actions that you put into motion.  It is the by-product of keeping your eyes open to opportunities that you might have otherwise missed.  It is the payoff from saving your pennies wherever you can.  Because when you add up all of those events, attitudes, pennies and opportunities, you have something big.  You will negotiate for millions.

Overnight Sensations Don’t Happen Overnight

Even overnight sensations talk about how much effort they put in before things come to fruition.  American Idol winner Taylor Hicks describes how he spent 10 years trying to break into the music business and just as he was ready to give up he tried out for the show and ended up winning.  Everyone thought he became a star over night.  He knew differently.

Getting to the point where you are ready to have the million dollar dialog requires preparation.  It requires a special way of thinking, a special way of behaving and a special way of being.

Think about what you would say if you had that million dollar dialog right now.  Would you make certain demands?  Would you just accept the offer on the table?  Or would you negotiate the deal more fluidly by identifying the reasons why you have certain expectations (not demands)?  The difference in your approach, and in your view of the situation, stems from how prepared you are for the dialog.

Prepare Your Mind to Create the Luck You Want

Sound hard?  Nope.  That’s the best part.  The steps to create luck that makes a million dollars start small.  There is nothing radical.  What makes these steps unique is that you do certain things on purpose and do them regularly till they become part of you.  Some may be out of your comfort zone initially.  Not to worry.  These little steps become easier with repetition and will expand your comfort zone quickly.

It’s like riding a bike.  When you first started learning, you fell off, probably a lot.  With time, you learned balance.  And now, even if you haven’t ridden a bike in a long time, picking it up again would probably be very simple. That’s because it is part of you.  You have conquered that fear.  You have learned instinctively what to do to attain the balance you need.

The path leading to your multi-million dollar dialog works the same way.  Conquer your fears, learn what to do, which includes how you perceive situations and opportunities, and you will find the universe magically working to align itself to your benefit.

The Path

  • Paint your vision. In vivid detail, write out or illustrate how you would feel with this kind of money. How would you behave? How would you dress? What time would you wake up and go to bed?  Would you eat or exercise differently?  How would you spend your days?  What would you do on the weekends?
  • What behaviors do you need to acquire to make this painting real?  Are your current behaviors consistent with those necessary to achieve your vision? If you painted yourself waking up whenever you wanted, is that something that millionaires do? Or did you see yourself waking up sparking with ideas on how to make even more money and energized ready to explode with creativity?  Did you say you would exercise more and eat more healthy foods?  If so, what are you eating habits now and how should they change? Did you see your days filled with excitement working on new ventures or maybe even doing a lot of volunteer work?
  • Model the behaviors you want to exemplify.   If you see yourself talking differently in your painting, start talking that way now.  If you see yourself acting differently in your painting, start acting that way now. If you need to change your diet, do it. Don’t wait. You don’t need a million dollars to make that adjustment and doing so will take you one step closer to being the person you envision.  What kind of ventures or volunteer work can you get involved with right now?

All of these seemingly innocuous tiny steps are the pennies you are saving along with the way. They represent the shift in your thinking that will enable you one day to wake up and feel a change in your life.  You have to start somewhere and sometime.

Take a quiet Sunday morning to paint your vision. It will start you on a path to creating good luck like you have never seen.


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3 thoughts on “Make a Million Dollars

  1. Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers has some good examples of hard work and how it takes an average of 10000 hours before you become famous

    • Shahsi, thanks for the excellent example. To Gladwell’s point, there’s no get rich quick scheme that works and no fast track to becoming an expert. It’s a lot of little steps that add up to big things.

  2. I teach my kids about “painting a picture” to help achieve what you want in life. I practice this on a regular basis and believe in it very much. I like this blog.

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