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Creating a Vision Board

I recently wrote about taking an imagination day to dream up how you would like your life, or a situation at work, to turn out in the near future.  The concept was to make it real, to feel your desires as happening and to experience the emotions you would have as if these dreams were already real.

Creating a bullet point list of what you want to see happen is an easy way to crystallize your thoughts.  There are more creative outlets, too.

One of my colleagues creates vision boards.  She sits down with a stack of magazines and finds pictures and headlines that resemble the experiences she wants to have in thWhat's Your Story?e next 12 months.  This includes personal and business goals.  Sometimes, she surfs the web to select more appropriate pictures that she prints out in color.

She pastes these images onto a poster board that hangs in her office.  Doing so forms a visual connection each time she looks up from her desk.  If she wants to go on a bike ride through Tuscany, she pastes a picture of people going on a bike ride over a picture of rolling vineyards.  Seeing her board daily helps push the mental connection of her vision into subconscious action and almost inevitably results in her achieving her desired goals.

Scheduling imagination days doesn’t happen by accident.  You have to put them on your calendar, just like any other appointment.  Don’t view this as down time.  Your imagination day is going to be the most valuable, concentrated time you can spend to help you formulate and achieve your vision.  You will feel refreshed, full of optimism and have a tremendous sense of direction, certainty and accomplishment.

Get out your calendar and set up an imagination day appointment with yourself right now!


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3 thoughts on “Creating a Vision Board

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  2. aloy perera on said:

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    hope and wish good luck for everyone..

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