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The Value of a Golden Nugget

future of marketing

Photo courtesy of Shashi Bellamkonda, @shashib

I spent yesterday morning attending the Potomac Tech Wire‘s event on the Future of Marketing.  I try to be choosey about which events I attend because, as much as I enjoy it, there is only so much time I elect to allocate for seminars and networking — after all, I do need to spend time running my business and enjoying my family.  The disappointing thing is that not every event I attend is worthwhile.  You have to look for that golden nugget of information that can help further you towards a goal.

This event had an panel of pretty smart marketing executives.  Simon Owens, Director of PR for JESS3, talked about very specific viral strategies his company uses to market their clients.  Eric Ludwig, Senior Director of Online Marketing at Rosetta Stone, shared insights into how they target the most qualified leads with direct mail so they maximize their return on investment.  Mack McKelvey, Senior VP of Marketing at Millennial Media, pointed out that 40% of mobile device usage occurs in the home, not on the road (what an eye-opening statistic!).  Bob London, President of London Ink, discussed the origins and rebranding of the “content marketing” movement.  And Matt Goddard, CEO of R2integrated, brought awareness about whether social media strategies are right for certain companies.

There were a lot of valuable golden nuggets of information that can be turned into actionable marketing items for a business executive. There were also a lot of new people to follow up with.  But these nuggets and connections are only useful if you execute on them.  Just knowing what to do won’t make it happen.

I saw a few people taking notes on the insights the speakers offered.  That’s a good first step and usually those who write something down tend to remember what to do better than those who don’t.

Here’s a quick strategy for taking a golden nugget and turning it into gold:

  1. Write down bullet points as you hear concepts that can help you further one of your goals.
  2. Review these points within 8 hours.
  3. Create specific action items based on your notes that include dates and/or deadlines.
  4. Put a follow up tickler in your calendar to you hold yourself accountable.

The value of a golden nugget of information is worth far more when you use it to make something happen.


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4 thoughts on “The Value of a Golden Nugget

  1. boblondon on said:

    Great summary, Raj. Thanks for attending and glad you found it useful.

    – Bob

  2. Good summary Raj. I was also at the event. Nice breakfast buffet. The one golden nugget I got from the event was utilizing communication to “B” and “C” level bloggers in order to get messages to the “A” level bloggers, who in turn pick up content from the B and Cs.

    • Excellent point, Fred. This is in line with the thoughts of David Meerman Scott, author of the insightful book, The New Rules of PR and Marketing. There are a lot of less popular blogs that provide fodder for widely read publications, online and offline.

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