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Stand Out in a Crowded Meeting

We have all been in meetings where a group leader goes around the table asking everyone to introduce themselves.  You typically hear the same remarks in the same format, just insert a new name and title.

stand out in a crowd“I’m Joe Sparks, Vice President of Acme Decks. We build custom decks for residential and commercial buildings.”

“I’m Jane Hoff, Marketing Manager for Orange PR. We provide public relations services.”

How many of these people will you remember?  Probably very few, if any at all.  Nobody stands out from the pack. In a room with more than a handful of people, your eyes start to glaze over everyone’s face and your ears just hear words that go in one side and out the other.  Unless you have a celebrity, politician or a senior executive from a major firm at the table, nobody is really that memorable.  Well, almost.

For years, I fell into the trap of following everyone’s lead on how to introduce myself at such meetings.

“Hi, I’m Raj Khera, yada yada yada yada.”

I might as well have been the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher (circa 1970s TV specials).  I was not standing out.

Then, one day I was in a meeting with a few dozen other business executives along with our local politician.  I tried something a little different.  Something that injected a little bit of “me” in my intro.  Here is how it went:

“Hi, I’m Raj Khera, CEO of MailerMailer, an email marketing firm.  I also coach my son’s soccer team.”

After everyone else spoke their introduction, the politician thanked everyone.  They are good at that.  Then, he made a comment about my coaching youth sports.  Later, I was in the elevator with him and he struck up a conversation with me about it.  “Hey, you are the one who coaches soccer, right?” he started.  I became a “stand out” in a crowd of everyone else.

In his world of meeting countless people every day, sharing something that is a little different makes you memorable – in a good way.

Another term I use now and then as part of my self-introduction:  “… and by night I’m super dad.”  People really remember that one because they can relate.  Both moms and dads know the pressures of working full time and managing a family.  It gives them something to talk to you about and makes you more approachable.

The next time you have to introduce yourself in a group setting, add a little personality to your message.  It portrays you as more human.  And that makes you more memorable.  You will stand out.


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